150th Anniversary Celebration

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The beginning of our 150th year celebration has begun!  Great is God’s Faithfulness!


Trinity’s 150th Anniversary celebration kicked off the weekend of October 21–22 with two excellent events.


Thanks to the hard work and creative efforts of the team led by Tim and Kathy Frusti, our first event, the Trinity Historical Museum, was a great success. Tim and Kathy led a committee that included Connie Blackwood, Ken and Deb Crittenden, Clint and Kirstin Genthner, Chuck and Bev Greene, Marge Spencer, and Elizabeth Valente. We hope you had a chance to visit the museum! 


Classrooms were set up as museum galleries, each one showing a different period in Trinity’s history. Each gallery included artifacts gathered from Trinity’s archives, as well as items donated for the occasion by Trinity members and Ella Sharp Museum. Each gallery also featured slide shows put together by Mrs. Valente’s Trinity students that showed images from national, local, and church history. Mr. Genthner found musical playlists for each classroom that showcased music from that era. Mrs. Greene’s research into candies that were first made or introduced in that era led to sweet treats in each gallery. Some additional highlights from the day:


•  In the Civil War era gallery, Kim and Connie Horning were dressed in period costumes and talked about the Civil War. 

•  In the early 1900s gallery (1901-1938), visitors saw the transformation from Trinity artifacts written in German to English. A favorite item in this gallery was a stack of bricks from the school that was built in 1904.

•  In the mid-century gallery (1939-1959), visitors saw a US Navy uniform and sea bag donated by Bev Greene and the actual cabbage shredder and crock Paul Cannehl used to make sauerkraut for Trinity’s Annual Sauerkraut Supper.

•  In the 1960s and 1970s gallery, visitors saw artifacts relating to Trinity’s school on McCain Road and the work and ministry of Dr. Krieger. Some favorite items in this gallery were costumes, pictures, and programs from some of Trinity’s past operettas.

•  In the 1980s-2000 gallery, visitors got to see some items that may not have been too unfamiliar, such as Cabbage Patch dolls a car phone, and a Gameboy. 

•  In the 2000 and beyond gallery, visitors were reminded of Trinity’s mission—to seek and save the lost—and what better way to bring this to life than to showcase the ministry of Rev. Dr. David Erber?

•  In the gym, Connie Blackwood and her team worked very hard to create a timeline of Trinity’s history with pictures of confirmation classes dating way back to the beginning of our history. Visitors had fun finding themselves or friends or family members in the pictures and leaving notes about favorite memories or what those confirmands are doing now. Also in the gym was a replica of the iconic Waffle Wagon (recreated by Clint Genthner), where visitors could get a waffle cone. Thanks also to Marge Spencer and her team for creating a display about the history and ministry of Trinity’s Ladies Aid. 


On Sunday, October 22, Rev. Dr. David Buegler, Trinity’s former vicar and pastor, joined us for worship. He preached a message that combined memories of Trinity’s history and the importance of our mission: Transforming Lives. It was an inspirational sermon. It was wonderful to see Pastor Buegler and his family! Many former members of Trinity joined us for the service as well, and it was lovely to worship in a packed sanctuary. The choir and praise team both added special music, and the closing hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” was a perfect way to end the service. 


There are so many people we could thank for their service so far in preparing for Trinity’s anniversary, and if you have helped in any way, we do thank you for your time, talents, and treasures. We would like to offer special thanks to Linda Ekong for her tireless work on our logo and all of our publicity, to Dave Spencer for designing and creating the anniversary banner, and to Bob Oberst and Linda Ekong for hours of work on the 150th anniversary booklet. To God be the glory; His faithfulness is great!


Looking Forward—Plan to join us for weekend services January 20–21, 2018, when Rev. Dr. David Erber will provide the message. On the following weekend, January 27–28, 2018, we will celebrate God’s gift of music and the wide range of talents God has blessed us with at Trinity with a wide variety of musical offerings. Great is God’s faithfulness!



Jean Yohe and Kirstin Genthner

150th Anniversary Committee Co-Chairs



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